Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yesterday was my first day of school and it reminded me of my first week or so in Germany when I had so much to say, but simply couldn't express myself. I started school at 8AM, taking a placement test and conversation test. I've already made so many friends from all over the world: 2 Germans, 1 Swiss/Uruguayan, 5 Americans, 1 Swiss-German, 4 Dutch, 1 Finlander, and 1 Japanese. It's a crazy mish-mosh of languages at all times--it's definitely awesome. We were in class through the afternoon and went on a walk of the city.

We all went out to dinner in the center of the city and went to a pub for drinks afterwards. It was so neat to see the city at night. I will have to post photos I took soon. The hills are super intense--it takes me 30 minutes to walk to school in the morning, pausing every so often to enjoy the view (I really have to pay attention to the road when I walk because of the uneven roads/cobblestones). Walking home was WAY more intense than my walk to school because everything is uphill. I'm so out of breath when I reach my front door and hopefully it will get easier but I doubt it :)

I'm in school for 6 hours a day and have already learned a LOT--I had a 2 hour conversation with one of my teachers today and I am so surprised how much I have learned from watching TV in the US. I was told that I'd be moving up a level by next week or so--we'll see. We also have Mexican culture classes every night at 7PM. We're learning about how people celebrate Christmas here and King's Day. We learned the history of the piñata and that the 7 points of the piñata star represents the 7 major sins.

Well, I've gotta run, but I'll write again soon.

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Kelly said...


Felicitationes--estas en Mexico! Viste esta ciudad hace quince anos--incredible que rapido tiempo moverse.

Espero que la Navidad es bueno y la cultura nueva encantarte!

Adios amiga!

Ms. P