Sunday, December 30, 2007

...mas cuadros

Teatro Juarez


Carlos hanging up one of the pinatas

Sugar cane, lolipops, oranges, and gold coins!YUM!

Lisa, Meghan, Me, and Tamara hangin out at break


Vy said...

Hi Jo,

I've been reading your blog and enjoying the pics/vids you posted. Glad to see that you are having fun and learning so much :)

I miss you so much, I hope you can continue to avoid the food poisoning. Good luck with work and research.

I'll be back in LA the weekend of Jan 11 for a wedding, if you're around let's have breakfast on Sat and catch up!

Raliza said...

Hey Jo!

Im loving the pictures. Everything looks so absolutely beautiful and Im glad youre even blogging about concerns that you have.

When are you coming back to Southern California? Im actually going to go on vacation to Idaho from the 11th to 15th and depending on if you're staying in Mexico or not, and whether I have the necessary funds, I might want to pay you a visit. Let me know! Be safe and you are in my prayers =)