Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm finally here in Guanajuato and it's everything Zack said it would be and more. I found my way to my host family's home this morning--my taxi driver was so awesome, telling me about some of the sights as we drove into the city. It really is like a medieval European city!

I hung out with my host sister Keren, her 2 year old son, Carlos, and Roberto, my host brother's 5-year old. My host mom took me into the center of the city to do some grocery shopping and to show me how to get to school. The view is amazing and I already love being here. We also stopped by the central garden area in Pastita for real Mexican enchiladas--yum!

The weather today was “shorts-and-a-t-shirt” great and I spent most of my day hangin’ out with the kids in the jardin.

Here's a photo of Roberto telling me to look at something. He's quite the storyteller :)

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Emily said...

omg...te envidio el tiempo hermoso!! it's freaking cold here in NY, and i can't WAIT to go home where it's a little less cold.

i'm happy to see you arrived in guanajuato safely! post often, so that i miss you a little less! ;)